From the ongoing podcast Movie Nightcap comes The Reserve Collection, a series of exclusive episodes featuring hosts Jill Tighe, Abe Saffer, and Nate Fisher. Each episode is a journey of discovery fueled by beer. The hosts are joined by special guests, and the conversations span from well-thought-out critiques to the most arbitrary and inane criticisms. As the night goes on, there is no telling where the discussion will go. We hope you enjoy this collection the same way you would an evening sitting around with a few beers and good friends. Join us for this most original podcast about friends, drinking beer, and talking movies. 

Warning: Hosts may become inebriated throughout the course of this podcast.

Movie Nightcap: The Reserve Collection, Vol. 1
By Nate Fisher, Abe Saffer, Jill Tighe

Episode Breakdown

Episode One: Beer Tasting and Movie Stories 

Get to know Movie Nightcap hosts Abe Saffer and Nate Fisher and learn a bit about beer. Brewmaster Josh Greenberg joins the podcast to lead us through a gauntlet of beer tastings paired with some of the group's favorite movie stories. 

Episode Two: Movies That Hold Up 

Hosts Jill, Abe, and Nate share their unique perspectives as movie fans and try to breakdown what it means for a movie to "hold up". In the conversation the hosts name some of their favorite movies that hold up and try to identify any qualities that they might have in common. 

Episode Three: Movie Nightcap's Top Five Animated Movies 

Animator Meagan Healy joins Abe and Nate to discuss their favorite animated films and try to agree on a list of the top five of all time. 

Episode Four: Title Fight 

Volcano or Dante's PeakDeep Impact or ArmageddonCarmen or Carmen? The hosts discuss the Hollywood phenomenon of twin films and look at some of their favorite examples. 

Episode Five: Gun to Your Head Movie Podcast 

In the final episode of volume one, hosts Jill, Abe, and Nate play a high-stakes game to select a mystery movie to watch and discuss. Sparks fly in the passionate conversation that follows as the group dives deep into one of the hosts' favorite films.